Business Security

Although crime figures continue to fall nationally, there are big regional variations. For example, in Swindon, crimes against business have actually risen in recent years.  Yet much theft and wilful damage could be prevented with the right security measures. Based in Swindon and operating throughout the South-West, Pricon offer a wide range of business security solutions. From simple CCTV installations to high-end corporate and VIP security, we can offer the means to keep your business safe.

It starts with the right advice

An effective security solution for your business starts with getting the right advice. The needs of a high street shop are obviously very different from those of a large haulage company. That’s why Pricon take the time to discuss your individual needs. We’re dedicated to finding the most appropriate solution for your unique circumstances. We’ll never advise you to invest in a system that is more expensive than you need, and we don’t hard-sell particular security products.

A personalised service

Pricon prides itself at getting to know the needs of your particular business. When you use our service, we put you at the heart of the process, with:

  • A no-obligation assessment of your existing security systems
  • Discussion of your business needs
  • Free advice on the most appropriate security solutions
  • Free quotation
  • Discussion on all aspects of installations e.g. positioning of CCTV cameras
  • Expert installation
  • Commissioning and checking of equipment
  • Explanation of all aspects of the system
  • After-sales support for any queries or difficulties

Our business security services

Our business security solutions include the installation, servicing, maintenance and fault-finding for all types of security system.

CCTV services

CCTV systems – we can install all types of CCTV systems from a cost-effective analog solution to high security IP solution. We can supply covert hidden systems for highly sensitive situations or a full blown overt systems that shout out, “I have security!”

We can supply systems that can be monitored anywhere in the world ( provided suitable communication connections are available) from your mobile device, tablet, laptop or from fully monitored control centres.

Systems can feature: digital video recorders, network video recorders. Specialist covert surveillance systems, hidden cameras and recorders. Remote deployable camera systems – wired , wireless, wi-fi. 3G, 4G mobile networks, remote dial in. Multi-site systems external perimeter protection, intrusion analytics, loitering.

Door Access Control Systems

Access systems including stand alone, computer controlled, biometric (iris scanners, fingerprint and palm hand verification systems), swipe cards , proximity cards, PIN pads, fobs.

Intercom system

Intercom systems, including video/audio systems, wireless mobile phones and integration of existing phone systems

Intruder Alarms

Including monitored , unmonitored alarms, central stations and sensors

Integrated Systems

We can carry out complete integration of the above systems, so that a bespoke installation tailored to your needs can be achieved.

High Security Applications

High risk/high profile protection that involves understanding the needs of protective countermeasures and requirements. We can manage overt and covert protection systems. Our SIA-licensed engineers cover additional services where required.

Nationwide Maintenance Service

A UK-wide maintenance service is available for all of these security solutions.